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Tony Palladino

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Palladino is a strategic business advisor with over twenty years of executive experience as an Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer servicing multiple business organizations. Currently, as the principal and founder of Palladino Associates, Mr. Palladino provides outsourced CFO services and advisory services for early stage companies and funds related to business planning, organizational modelling, and financial model development.

In previous roles, Palladino has developed and implemented business and financial plans for a renewable energy facility (waste wood); an App for crowdsourced ratingsof high school athletes; a global cross border real estate marketplace, an Opportunity Zone Real Estate Fund and a leading US photography marketplace.

He was a Founder of, providing training and support for mid-career executives transitioning to entrepreneurship. Tony Palladino has an in-depth knowledge of real estate development projects and organizations. In the role of Chief Executive Officer at SharperAgent, LLC in Colorado, he provided strategic turnaround leadership for an unprofitable, unfocused, on- line real estate marketing business with a team of 20+ in design and delivery of marketing solutions to 50+ corporate real estate firms, representing over 120,000 realtors nationwide.

Over his career, Mr. Palladino has been awarded patents for innovative technologies related to the real estate industry, authored multiple publications, and will bring a tremendous knowledge-base to the JOL Ventures group for all aspects related to financial modeling, development, and deployment of capital.

Tony Palladino
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