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Camp Bisbee

Camp Bisbee will be an entertainment hub to include 504 RV Spaces, amphitheater, lake, pickle ball and much more.

The Bisbee OZ Fund intends to build 504 RV spaces. However, we are convinced these spaces should be seen more as infrastructure improvements to our value-add strategy than simply another RV park. RV parks will often purchase what is referred to as “Park Model” RV Units which in its simplest terms are RVs that are also vacation rentals and appeal to the camping / glamping market.
Our concept utilities architecturally interesting tiny house, Airstream fixed or Park Model units, Glamping tents and other unique
vacation rental concepts. Not only is this concept completely opposite of the cookie cutter hotel model, but it allows the development
team to easily add rooms as demand increases. After all, adding inventory is as simple as backing in a new unit and hooking up
utilities as you would with any traditional RV.
Other examples of RV parks that are maximizing the fixed rental market potential are Autocamp , Junebug Retro Resort , Yogi Bear’s
Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts and Tumbleweed Tiny House Hotels
From a revenue perspective this turns a traditional RV space that might generate $45.00 per night into a unique vacation rental that
could gross three to six times the space alone. Just as importantly, however, the potential consumer market grows exponentially given
that there are many more “experience travelers” than those who may or may not own a recreational vehicle.
We are under the mindset that to draw a wide range of consumers to our project that the project must incorporate some traditional
and other unique amenities. To this account we have researched extensively what type of amenities have the most potential to add
revenue streams but yet set ourselves apart from what is considered a traditional RV park.
Restaurant Bar & Ballroom
The Bisbee OZ Project is fortunate to have seven thousand square feet of facilities already built. However, the financial plan does
budget for an extensive remodel of the facilities and add-ons to the pool area. Our development team is working with well-respected
industry experts to create a themed bar and restaurant environment that will draw patrons from far and wide, even if they are not
staying at the resort. We foresee a large patio area incorporating live music and other entertainment options. Bisbee is very much
known as a live music mecca and we foresee synergy in this regard.

Project Gallery

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