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My name is Joseph Orme Lewis and I am a fifth generation Phoenician.  As you might imagine have seen my share of change over the years. 


My abbreviated background includes graduating from ASU in 1984 with a political science degree.  I then wandered around Europe and loved the urban live, work, play concept which was so foreign to me growing up in the land of the shopping malls.  When I returned I decided that Downtown Tempe was going to continue to be my place and it still is today along with my other love... Bisbee.

In 1992, at the age of 25 I ran for and won a seat on the Tempe City Council where I served two terms.  During this time the Council stuck our collective necks way out on the chopping block and issued bonds to build the Tempe Town Lake.  At the time many felt that this was the biggest boondoggle ever undertaken in the Valley of the Sun and that no one would ever develop around the lake. Well enough said. 


In my early twenties I also purchased my first commercial building in downtown Phoenix which I am proud to say I still own today.  Over a decade I worked on renovating the building and having it placed on the National Historic Register.  Please visit the project tab to see other labors of love.  


In 2014 I "accidentally" discovered Bisbee.  Please ask me to tell you that story later.  As you might have determined I love old buildings and walkable communities.  Bisbee is nirvana in both these regards.  

Development is not a one person sport and it takes the right players and team to turn a dream into a reality.  I hope after getting to know me and what I am about we can potentially collaborate together to create something new or take what is old and make it magnificent.  



Will - Will Smith and Mark Manson

Grit - Angela Duckworth

The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel 

The House of Gucci - Sara Gay Forden

Me - Elton John

11-22-63 - Stephen King

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone - Lori Gottieb

Buffett - Roger Lowenstein

The Third Door - Alex Banyan

Born a Crime - Treavor Noah

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

Thank You for Being Late - Thomas L. Friedman 

Naked Came I: A Novel of Rodin - David Weiss

Shoe Dog Millionaire - Phil Knight

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